Want to give?

Donate to the people who tag @pleasehelpthankyou on Instagram

If you are looking for someone specific, search for the person in the green section below and send them money!

There are many ways to send money. I like PayPal, Gmail, Apple Pay, CashApp, Venmo and Zelle. If you live near the person, you could stop by there workplace and ask their employer to pass the money along.

Everybody loves suprise presents ;)

Abundance happens because you want it to

One of my favorite techiniques in creating what I want is to set an intention, think to myself 'please help thank you' and flow.

You will be amazed at how much you accomplish. Completing a task list can be like watching a movie

Know someone that wants help or wants to give?

Search their name, send them to PleaseHelpThankYou.com
@pleasehelpthankyou on Instagram

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Help Ian Fly
and send them to PleaseHelpThankYou.com

Created by Ian Handley

Want to give to a business instead of an individual?
www.TheDurangoGuide.com has a list of my favorite businesses in Durango, Colorado

We keep it simple. Get tipped after the fact and

Send your staff to PleaseHelpThankYou.com and find yourself with IanHandley's photography

Buy photography prints and visit PleaseHelpThankYou.com

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