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Photography from Ian Handley. Create face masks, wall art and more

Landscape photography from Telluride Colorado --> Support businesses, create prints and light up your home with my photography --> Telluride Colorado

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I am able to provide Free Landscape Photography because of your donations. If you’d like to help me, print with one of my affiliates! I get commissions for purchases made through many of the links I list, and earn from qualifying purchases

Gift Ideas

A new car, a rental home, a new trust fund, an all expenses paid trip

Let's be real, it's 2021 and you are thriving!


It's been 2022 for a while and apparently targeting the billionaires (and the majority of the upper middle class) in Durango, Colorado has not worked...yet ; )

My favorite kind of humor is direct, kind and empowering

If the ability to gift a new rental home is not within your reality, I want to help you find it to be

Fly with me!

Green means

Give to a charity on a loved ones behalf!Paddle BoardsSki GearA Dell Computer!Get into the backcountry with an ATVThat Missing Appliance!Video GamesAn Apple ComputerA New iPhone!A Used Mountain Bike Give Gramarly Give to a charity on a loved ones behalf! Paddle Boards

Another place to find photography to fill that rental home is

L ive


U p !

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Create large prints with my photos using the links on this page!

Print facemasks using the links on this page!

Express yourself by adding your own words to the printed facemask, let the picture do the talking... or just rip it off and create wall sized prints ; )

If you are struggling with the issue, look for movies and music created long before we were attacked with corruption

There are a bunch!

I've found Amazon Prime has a pretty good selection of these enlightening movies. My favorite way to get people started on their path to becoming free is to recommend Pink Floyd's album 'The Wall'

If the person that you know is struggling is not interested in connecting the dots artists within their own life, it's probably too soon for them to wake up and that's ok! It's their journey. There are always infinite perspectives, just as there are always an infinite number of ways to solve a problem. Believe it or not no indivual solution is best :) Have FUN!

Find peace within the reality that saying a false fact over and over does not make it true. It seems to be their favorite technique. You have always had everything you need to be happy, successful and fulfilled. Everyone has their own journey and within that journey you are always safe. Humans tend to omit the life path factor, probably becuase it is the most limiting thing they can do.

Have fun out there and LIVE IT UP!

Photography on is free because I gained so much by altering my perspective about money. I found when I gave money without expecting to receive anything in return, my life became much easier and often more fun

I want to share that gift!