Make Real Money, Feel Good About Your Impact and Free Yourself from a Paycheck

It won't happen over night, unless you already have a large image. Start boosting your profits by creating passive income. Programs by companies like eBay and Amazon give you the opportunity to rep products that you actually like and make more money. Start creating passive income by sharing your passions and telling people about real stuff they actually will like

After you've learned how to generate passive income we encourage you to share what you've learned with your employer, friends and us

By becoming less dependent on your job you will likely be more helpful and happy to help. An illusion in society is that a job should pay the bills. It's likely an employer will never pay you what you are worth and may only pay you enough to be able to keep working

In a perfect society no one would be dependent on a job or profession. No one can control another person and you can lead yourself to be wealthy and happy. By taking the pressure off a paycheck everyone will be happier, you will attract more customers and you will provide better services and products. You do not need to be dependent on an employer and an employer will benefit greatly from employees that are not dependent on their paycheck

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