Whatever your perspective you can profit by teaching others

You can make money by helping others, voicing your passion, giving real advice and genuine recommendations

One way many people make money online, without spending a lot of time, is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing doesn’t require you to ship anything and basically is making money by sharing the products or services you love

Here are two great affiliate programs

Amazon Affiliate Program

Ebay Affiliate Program

If you are just starting and do not yet have volume yet, I’d suggest starting with Ebay

Send the viewers of your email list, social media page or website to your TipAgain.com page. Offer the people you reach genuine product recommendations, advice and information without forcing your viewers to see the products you make money from and subliminally advertising to people that like you

Another way to make money with online is to Monetize your YouTube Videos and add your YouTube videos to TipAgain.com and add links to products you like

Ways to make money with TipAgain.com

Sell your stuff (whatever it may be: Art, Gear, Cars, Vacation Rentals, etc.) on eBay and tell us the title of your post using the ask a question form on this profile. You do not need to include your email

Share your username with a business if you

Send lots of people to a restaurant or business

Share your username with a customer if you

Tell a customer about a restaurant, trail or service or provide great service

They have the opportunity to give you money for your recommendation on TipAgain.com or refer to your recommendations later if you list them on your profile

If you know of a program that works well or have ideas contact us