About Ian Handley

Photographer and Web Developer

When the snow is good, you’ll find Ian hucking cliffs near Durango, Colorado

Ian grew up just outside of Denver. With the intention of empowering individuals, Ian taught himself to code while working as a raft guide, and camping in the national forests. Natural Health has always been a passion of his, as well as for good business concepts

I want you to think about how amazing it would be if people gave money to people after the fact. Empower the people in your life who have empowered you! The limits set by an employer are just that limits!

There is something seriously with our economy and how we were taught how money works. Farming people is far to common and your time has probably been greatly undervalued. On top of that, when people work when they don’t want to or work when they are to tired to work bad things happen. The same is true when people work with or offer services to people that they don’t want to. The karmic reaction that occurs is very destructive and the amount of corruption currently existing within workplaces is insane! The level of force we’ve been programmed to endure, through our 20+ years of schooling is pathetic

That’s why I only volunteer, choosing this path makes it possible for me to create the best impact possible and generate wealth. One of the goals with this website is to help my parents retire! They are both close to 70 years old and were successful psychologists for 40 years. Their desire to make a living off of helping people who were struggling prevented them from accumulating an abundance of wealth at a young age. Taking on a problem solving focus blinded them to much of the fun they could have been having and often left them stressed in their free time

There is nothing stopping you from empowering the people in your life, including me ; )

Make it happen!

Show how powerful unconditional love is and share your favorite photos of mine to your social media!

LOA tips because life can be easy and AMAZING

Affirmations are POWERFUL

Much of life is perspective. I want you to harness yours!

Let fun be your driving force and capitalize on opportunities. The more that you look for opportunities, the more opportunities appear. Same with problems.

Every problem is also an opportunity, however I encourage you to look for opportunities that make you smile when you find them! On your journey I also would like to add the vice that you remember that there are always infinite solutions to every opportunity

The universe says you always have, and you already have. What you have is up to you. There are no requirements………………. Period

If you are interested in creating the life you want, connecting with yourself, and receiving, follow @TipYourGuide and @PleaseHelpThankYou on Instagram and DITCH THAT OPPRESSIVE BOSS… even if that oppressive boss is just that semi-robotic voice inside your head


Happy Manifesting!

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