How to create prints

-Click on the photo that you are interested in printing and continue to the individual photo page

-Once you are on the individual photo page, scroll down below the photo and click on the link that says download high-quality photo. Depending on your browser select the option to download the photo or follow the link to the high-quality photo and select save as

-Make sure the photo is the quality that you’d like. Before printing photos, I like to zoom into the photo and look for any blemishes. Printing small, card-sized photos first may also be a good idea. Usually, photos over 2 MB print pretty well. I try to upload only print quality photos. I haven’t personally printed most of the photos. Let me know if you loved the print you made

Create Photo Gifts, Canvas Prints, Masks etc.

-Print the picture where ever you’d like, use one of Ian’s affiliates if you’d like to support Ian, and check out the other galleries listed on our site

Send your server, barista, guide, accountant, and delivery driver money!

How to find your server

Search the people you are graetfull for and send them money! If you have trouble finding them, search the business you saw them working at. Most employers will pass tips along. has a list of my favorite businesses in Durango, Colorado

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