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Making people wealthy is all about empowering them to be wealthy without the help of anyone else, including me!

For me one of the most important manifestation techniques to learn was deflection. Deflection empowered me to learn what I wanted to learn, when I wanted to learn it; and prevented me from having to learn what I didn't want to learn

Whenever using deflection to create wealth, it can be helpful to remember five main things
-There is never any value to secrecy
-Whenever a deflection stops working, that is perfect!
-Any pressure associated with your manifestations can be decreased using deflection
-Manifesting should be fun and exciting
-Deflection is a construct that builds upon the concept of intentionality. When using the power of intention to manifest, it can be helpful to keep in mind that intentions are no different than actions. Intentions, like actions only change when you want them to, but they change the instant you change them!

Deflection is a great technique to use when you want to learn

For me it was always easier to learn when I felt comfortable, and really wanted to learn

As I learned, and got better at what I was trying to learn, deflection naturally decreased in a manner that empowered me thrive in ways that I hadn’t before

It's why open source methodologies have done so well in recent years

The universe loves to help!

Deflection is never a necessary skill, but if you know how to use it can be super fun and comforting

My websites are all about helping artists make more money, generating wealth for complete strangers and providing free marketing!

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Gaining a stronger understanding of how to be intentional with your own wealth manifestations is easy!

One of my favorite ways to do this is to think about how much easier it is to row a boat down the river when you let the river do the work

The most incredible stuff that I learned, I didn't learn until after I retired

Whenever the reason you are working, or looking for employment, is money, consider retiring!

In my professional opinion, working to learn, working to have fun and working to create the impact you've always dreamed of are the best reasons to work

Having enough money to retire; well, that is what my websites are all about!

Have fun!

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